Mary Jane Berlin has become a leading trade fair in Germany since it was organized for the first time in 2016. It isn’t only a commercial fair, but also a series of public events connected with trade fairs, like a hemp festival. A variety of entertainment and cultural programs are offered along with the exhibition, including food stands, music concerts, scientific conferences, lectures, beach activities, and so on.

The exhibition is often organized in the middle of Berlin at the Arena Hall. Generally, Mary Jane Berlin provides several opportunities for visitors to grow their business, expanding knowledge, finding potential sellers, and presenting your products to customers all over the world. The exhibition is considered the fastest-growing hemp fair with the participation of over 300 national and international exhibitors, 30000 visitors, and 35 products on average. For example, Berliner Wiese, a company that focuses on nutrition and fitness with organic drinks made from CBD was presented. Dealer Tom Shirts from Kreuzber who has many CBD products also took part in the fair. Regarding vaporizer liquids, Minds GmbH, a company based in Berlin, presented their Vane Dinner Lady branch.

In addition to commercial activities, cannabis experts also participated to give lectures and discuss with visitors about hemp, including the psychiatrist Eva Milz, the medical doctor Franjo Grotenhermen from the cannabis as medicine working group, the economist Justus Haucap and so on.

This year, the event is going to take place from October 22nd to 24th.

About the managing director of Mary Jane Berlin GmbH

Mr. Duc Anh Dang was born in Erfurt in 1991, he studied economic and general management in Frankfurt am Main and EBS in Oestrich Winkel in Hesse. 

In 2015, he founded Mary Jane Berlin GmbH, which has been organizing the trade fair since 2016. The first expo was in May 2016 with 80 exhibitors and 9,000 visitors. In 2019 it attracted 270 exhibitors and 29,000 visitors from all over the world in three days. Now Mary Jane Berlin is one of the biggest Cannabis Expos in Europe. It’s amazing that a young man of Vietnamese origin, with big ambition and passion for Cannabis, can create and lead such a big Festival, connecting and creating space to grow for thousands of hemp and cannabis businesses around the world.

According to Dang’s interview with a German newspaper, he started digging deeper into the subject when a friend’s father got cancer and he read that cannabis supplements help with therapy. With this festival, his mission is to bring all products related to the hemp plant out of the subculture and into the mainstream in order to bring them closer to people from all generations and cultures.

Mr. Duc Anh Dang’s brief interview with Wholesale Hemp Asia

Q: Tell us about yourself, your education, achievements.
A: Bachelor in Management. I studied in USA 2014-2015 and experienced the legalization in Seattle. After coming back 2015 I worked on Mary Jane Berlin. The first expo was May 2016 with 80 exhibitors and 9,000 visitors. In 2019 we already had 270 exhibitors and 29,000 visitors from all over the world in three days. Now we are one of the biggest Cannabis Expos in Europe.

Q: What makes you interested in cannabis?
A: I like this business because it is totally new in this way and how it is developing over the years and much more to come. How it can help people with their health.

Q: What is it like to be working in the cannabis industry?
A: It is very crazy sometimes. You meet very creative people and on the other side very business minded people. It is a huge business with many smart people. Everybody is working on the same vision

Q: Some thoughts about the legalization of cannabis? (Can be in Europe or worldwide)
A: I think medical cannabis is the first step and we will have a recreational legalization in the next 3-4 years.

Q: What do you think about the legalization of cannabis in Vietnam? Should the country legalize cannabis? And what are your expectation?
A: Yes I would suggest to research on the medical use first and then proceed.

Q: Anything else that you would like to share about yourself and Mary Jane Berlin.
A: We are a very passionate team and working hard to create a special experience at the Mary Jane Berlin

A good chance to grow their businesses

When Mary Jane Berlin started in 2016, it attracted over 10000 visitors and 120 international inhibitors, making a significant breakthrough in the hemp industry. Just four years later, such a trade fair became one of the two largest hemp trade fairs in Europe and it is still capturing the interest of international visitors as well as exhibitors on the globe, coming into focus for the hemp industry as a trade fair location organized annually.

Thanks to the rapid development of Mary Jane Berlin, it offers unique opportunities to make contacts with high-quality national and international businesses on the hemp market and at the same time to attract a great number of audiences wanting to know more about hemp.

In the fair, a wide range of goods and services, such as food, cosmetics, building materials, plant cultivation, hemp extracts, and other products from many different areas, are presented to make diverse options for customers, manufacturers, wholesalers…

Hemp products are listed below:

– CBD products made from hemp: oils, capsules, edibles, etc.

– Hemp food

– Hemp cosmetics

– Hemp insulation or building materials

– Grow products

– Hemp strains

– Smoking accessories, vaporizers, and much more…

Last but not least, the organization teams of Mary Jane Berlin always try their best to provide wonderful experiences for both visitors and exhibitors, playing an integral role in Germany’s biggest hemp fair.

Information for visitors

Date: October, from 22nd to 24th

Location: Arena Hall, Eichenstr.4, 12345 Berlin

Official Afterparty:

Free Entry with Mary Jane ticket

Saturday: 22:00 – Open End

Location: Haubentaucher, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin

Entrance Fees:

  • Consumers:

Day ticket pre-order: 20 – 25 € (regular 25 – 30 €)

Season ticket pre-order: 40 € (regular 45 €)

  • Business-ticket:

Business – 3 days pre-order: 50 € (regular 55 €). You can order tickets in the online shop to save waiting time or at the ticket office during all days of the fair. Tickets are transferable and the name in the ticket is not relevant. The Saturday ticket can also be redeemed at the entrance on Friday or Sunday. However, the Friday or Sunday tickets aren’t redeemed in the same way. For this, the Friday / Sunday ticket must first be exchanged on-site at the ticket counter in the Saturday ticket with 5€ surcharge

Type of exhibition: International public and trade fair

Intervals: Annually

Exhibitors: You will find basic information for exhibitors as well as the list of exhibitors via