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Wholesale Hemp Asia (WHA) is a global business to business cannabis industry wholesale supplier. Our goal is to supply fresh and innovative cannabis products in the best quality, and for the best price.


Wholesale HEMP ASIA

Our values ​​are Simplicity, Transparency and Honesty

WHA (Wholesale Hemp Asia) is a wholesaler, distributor and manufacturer of legal products from hemp and headshop, growshop based in Prague – Czech Republic. Our goal is to provide the most popular products in the US and European markets to small and medium businesses in Asia at the best prices.

Our mission is to educate and inspire others around the world to live a happy, healthy life. We want to share knowledge and help people. To accomplish that, we provide the highest quality cannabis products, along with information and knowledge that support a healthy life. In addition, we proactively help organizations with goals that match our values. We are proud to have an active role in the medicinal CBD and cannabis revolution that is happening worldwide.

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CBD isolate 99%

CO2 raw CBD extract

Hemp seeds & Hemp seeds cold press oil & Protein

CBD flowers (grow in the EU)

CBD oils (full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolate)

Medical cannabis seeds strains

CBD distillate (broad spectrum & full spectrum)

Hemp fibre & Hemp clothing

CBD vape cartridges (full spectrum & broad spectrum)

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Headquarter in EU

HEMP SAPA s.r.o., Křížovnická 86/6,110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

ID: 06116329, VAT: CZ06116329

Send your inquiry: info@wholesale-hemp.asia

Place an order: shop@wholesale-hemp.asia

Telephone: +420 770 643 952

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